I’d Never Heard of Ice Hockey

I joined the Werewolves in 2002. I'd never heard of ice hockey, and I wasn't very good at sports, in fact I couldn't swim, ride a bicycle, but I tried. I even participated in the school cross country, but I was always last.

My Mum saw an advert for the Werewolves of London, gave Mike a call, and I joined the coolest sport in the world.

Charlie, Kari & Mike all taught me to stand up on skates, then to skate, to stop, to do cross-overs and to skate backwards.

My first tournament was the Washington Ice Dogs. It was fantastic! I scored my first goal, and I have that puck!

It was great to be good at something, to do better than most of the 'normal' kids in my school, after all, ice hockey isn't a big sport in England, so most people I know can't skate and the people in my school were really interested in my ability to skate and play hockey.

The Werewolves team grew, and I enjoyed helping some of the new players learn skating and hockey, so soon after my 16th birthday I qualified as a level one coach.

I'm really proud of what I’ve achieved, and now I’m passing that feeling on to other players.

 Hockey has helped me a lot, I have a recognized qualification on my CV and it’s something I really enjoy doing.

 I enjoy Charlie’s drills, playing the games and socializing with some of the players.

Bevan Séné,  Black team #91