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A little over 3 years ago, Bill Weishuhn approached the Barrie Minor Hockey Association about starting up a Special Needs Program within our community. Bill had already been a part of a program like ours, being a parent of a Special Needs child himself, in a similar program. Bill really wanted to extend and bring awareness that these types of programs existed and there was a place for all individuals within our community to participate in a recreational hockey program, regardless of on ice skill ability or developmental limitations. Bill has been a driving force behind the success of our program working directly with the Barrie Minor Hockey Association to make our Special Needs Division a success, just nearing the end of our 3rd season. Our team continues to grow and Bill continues to put our name out there working with other organizations so families of Special Needs individuals know that there is a program that may be well suited for their family member's. Bill was diagnosed with cancer last season but still managed to work behind the scenes throughout his treatment coordinating games, fundraising, and advocating for our team. While he wasn't able to make it out to the arena every weekend he still wanted to be an active member of our coaching staff and still do what he could given his health crisis. He is back this year and in remission and continues to fulfil his duties as a coach/volunteer to our team and then some. We are very lucky to have someone on our team with such dedication and drive to see this program a success. I definitely feel Barrie Minor Hockey Association would be a great recipient of this contest on behalf of Bill Weishuhn and know we will continue to run a wonderful program with so many great individuals finally participating in a sport they love!